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Price: $ 0.08

Service provides multiple informations about Nokia new devices. Lumia not supported.

IMEI1: 35693809949xxx
Serial Number: 35693809949xxx
IMEI2: 3569380995xx
Ship To Country: Austria
Ship To Customer: 100435S99
Sold To Country: Austria
Sold To Customer: 100435
Shipped Date: 2018-10-08
Active Country: Austria
Activation Date: 12/24/2018 20:32:30
Product Type: TA-1080
Product Name: Nokia 2.1
Product Code: 22E2MXW0A01
Software Version: E2M-021Q-0-00WW-B02
Sales Code: 11E2MX01A01
Warranty Status: Out of Warranty
Factory Sim-Lock: No

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