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Model Name: ASUS ZenFone A400CG
IMEI: 355235065525xxx
SN: EAAZB708Vxxx
CSID: 90000000360003xxx
Series: ZenFone
Part No: 90AZ00I2-M02260
Part Spec: EU/S1/4/5M/EU/NE/6W
Part Desc: AS A400CG 1B/Z2520/8G/H3G
Warranty Territory: Region (Europe w/o CIS)
Warranty Period: 24 months
Warranty End: 2017/02/22 (ATD)
Activation Status: Yes
First Activation Date: 2015/02/23
Stolen Status: False

Ship To Company: ASGL
Ship To Customer: HI3G ACCESS AB
Ship To Country: SE (1st S/O)
Ship To Zone: EUROPE
Ship No: 2005266
Ship SONo: 51114091012258

Sold Type: Standard-511

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